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TNT Tree Service of Kingwood experts specialize in: Tree Pruning, Tree Removal of Hazardous Trees, Tree Trimming Services, not every tree has to be cut down, We offer Multiple Tree Job Discounts for Referrals in Addition to your 10% Coupon ...For more info call: Tim at 281-236-8733 servicing- Kingwood, Humble, Attascosita, Huffman, Sommerwood, New Caney and Porter

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Customer Review:
I hired them to clean up two trees that were hanging over the street and my neighbors drive. Tim was very knowledgeable and walked me through what the trees needed and how i could cut them so that the grass would grow. Then he explained why my fig and magnolia needed some work. The price for all 4 was unbeatable. I have gotten quotes in the past for less work and it would cost more. He explained why we should not cut some limbs that other companies had wanted to cut. He ws very concerned about keeping the character of the trees and making the yard look good. The crew was friendly and thorough. My yard looks better than it did when we moved in! I will have him come back to do my other trees!

Tree Removal, Tree Trimming Services for Kingwood, Humble, Atascosita, Huffman
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Our Kingwood based  Expert Tree Surgeons do  Tree Trimming, Emergency Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Removal or Grinding Tree Stumps, Tree Topping and We Do It Right The First Time!

Our Services Include:

      Tree Removal - Not every tree needs to be cut down.  Let me look to see if tree removal is necessary.  We are experienced with hazardous and dangerous trees!

      Tree trimming - Let us artistically trim your trees.  We prepare trees for hurricanes and high wind by balancing the limb levels and thinning.

      Tree Topping - We top trees, (Winter time only when sap is down)

      Cavity Repair - We use expanding foam and pruning spray to repair cavities.

      Stump Grinding - We use a compact grinder to fit through backyard  gates or a tractor grinder for larger jobs.

Trees with long horns (roots) we cut the front of the tree to drop and just added a little rope  pressure and the tree up rooted. Don't leave dead trees too long they will fall on pets people and property you care about.and spread insects and disease.

Professional and Complete Clean Up

We offer emergency service. We are insured for your protection and all work is guaranteed.   You pay when you are satisfied with our work. Tim Jennings, the owner, is an expert in tree removal and tree trimming. we provide fair estimates, prompt friendly service and you can rely on us to show up for the job.

Posted by Russ H:
Yes, Tim Jennings is a good tree guy, but that is not the half of it. He is really a tree artist ! It is stunning to see some of the residential and commercial work he has done, literally creating a flowing canopy of entire yards and large clusters of trees (if of course there are enough trees to do so). He knows tree health procedures and I have also seen him turn down work and help people save a tree where owners were ready to pay big $s to just cut it down. You will not find that just anywhere. And I have somewhat of a unique view of the company and Tim. I used to be the worship minister at his church, where we knew him as a faithful and Christ-like man, until I and my family moved. I had grown up around trees and chain saws and was familiar with tree work, and in my spare time I actually did some work with Tim and his tree service, helping him line up and price jobs (he needed help because he was in such demand). It was overwhelming to run across so many people Tim had worked with or people that had heard of him through his decades of customers that felt like Tim was a part of their family. He had serviced trees for their families multiple times over many, many years, and they trusted and loved him. And I am not just throwing that out there. They have seen and heard of people getting ripped off and the elderly taken advantage of. So they genuinely LOOOOVED and trusted Tim. I spent a great deal of time listening to especially older folks and their children go on and on about the incredible work he had done and how they always knew they could count on him to be fair+. Which means he has been not only fair but usually does more than was expected, all done to the highest of quality and professionalism. We now live about an hour or so from Tim. There are literally tons of folks that do trees right around the corner from us (we are in east Texas in the middle of Big Thicket country - so go figure). Guess who we still use at our house, as we have for years? YEP! You bet! Tim Jennings and TNT. We know him from the inside out and will not use anyone else.

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Customer Review:
They were very prompt with calling back. They came out promptly, asked questions, and were very knowledgeable about what I was looking for. We've used them before in the past and had other good experiences.

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TNT Tree Service services has served the following areas thus far:  Kingwood, Eagle Spring, Fall Creek, Humble, Atascocita, Baytown, Bagway, Crosby, Cove, Channelview, Garth, Cloverleaf, Greens Bayou, Summerwood, Huffman, Huffsmith, Galena Park, Highlands, Tarkington Prairie, North Cleveland, Plum Grove, Rayburn, Security, Clark, Evergreen. Everitt, New Caney, Roman Forest, Woodbranch,Porter, Splendora, Grangerland, Dogwood Acres, Pinehurt, Woody Acres, Timberlane, New Caney, Porter

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